Unha bici un sonriso, "One bicycle one smile".
2008, The City Council of Vigo, Spain and the association “A Golpe de Pedal” wanted to launch the campaign "One bicycle one smile".
This is a campaign to donate bicycles, at different collection points in the city of Vigo, and then offer them to families with the fewer resource.

Solving an Issue.

  • Offer decent bicycles to children from families with limited resources.
  • Repair used bicycles and recover them for a new use.
  • The city's bicycle workshops will arrange for free and recover them for a new use.
  • Improve the quality of childhood through the illusion that a bicycle produces in the life of a child.
  • Promote and stimulate solidarity among citizens
  • Generate, favour and facilitate among neighbours the solidary habit of delivering bicycles.
  • Guarantee the collection of bicycles throughout the year.

Branding, Visual Brand Identity, Illustration, Graphic Design.

The initiative, open all year but with a special impact on Christmas, collected more than 1,000 bicycles in 4 years.

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